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  • Catholic U Students

    Holistic Education: Fueling Bodies and Minds in an Academic Setting

    In this review, graduate assistant James Dolley discusses an article written by Cathy A. Pohan for Faculty Focus. Pohan’s article provides examples to educators regarding how to nurture students’ physiological and emotional needs, and how doing so increases academic success. James identifies other strategies to maintain students’ well-being, including through some of Catholic U’s resources.

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  • Students use laptops in class

    Tech in Class: Enhancing Engagement or Fueling Distraction?

    Have you ever spotted a student lost in an Amazon shopping spree or engrossed in a football game during your class? The key to technology integration lies in a balanced approach involving clear policies, active student participation, and innovative teaching strategies. Engaging students in setting technology norms, adapting teaching methods to maintain engagement, and using technology as a tool for active learning can enhance the educational experience. Additionally, ethical considerations and ensuring accessibility for all students are paramount. Ultimately, the decision to ban devices lies with the educator. Consider your students, your teaching practices, and how technology use may or may not align with your learning goals.

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  • Julianne Stuart with Her New Book

    God's Box of Doughnuts: An Interview with a Catholic University Alumna

    In this article, James Dolley interviewed Catholic U alumna Julianne Stuart, who recently published a children’s book entitled God’s Box of Doughnuts. She discussed her inspiration for writing the book, which included taking a course on children’s literature with one of our own, Dr. Angela McRae. Julianne also offers advice to current undergraduate students at Catholic.

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  • A student gets a B grade

    How Ungrading Altered (and Did Not Alter) My Classroom

    This article describes the pedagogical shifts in my classroom that resulted from a Theology and Religious Study student-led summer study of Ungrading: Why Rating Students Undermines Learning (and What to Do Instead) (Blum, 2020). While I was not able to leave grading completely behind, these are the first steps I am taking towards providing students with agency in the classroom and the tools to reflect on their own learning experiences.

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