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    Mission and Principles

    The mission of the Center for Teaching Excellence is to support the intellectual growth of instructors and students at The Catholic University of America by fostering a dynamic teaching, learning, advising, and mentoring environment within a world-class research context.

    We collaborate with instructors to set goals and promote interdisciplinary exchange, applying evidence-based research to guide best practices. Our approach encourages reflective teaching, grounded in Catholic social teaching, to build a just society that respects human dignity. We ensure equitable access to resources and professional development, fostering inclusive and innovative learning environments that address educational inequities and embrace the latest advancements in technology and pedagogy.

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    Meet the Team, Fellows, and Contributors

    Meet the dedicated staff of the Center for Teaching Excellence, a team of experienced educators and professionals committed to enhancing the teaching and learning experience at The Catholic University of America. Our staff brings a diverse range of expertise and a shared passion for fostering academic excellence and innovation.

    In addition to our dedicated staff, meet our Faculty Fellows at the Center for Teaching Excellence, a group of distinguished educators collaborating on projects and research to advance teaching and learning at The Catholic University of America. These fellows bring valuable insights and expertise from various disciplines, contributing to innovative educational practices and enriching our academic community.

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    Annual Reports

    We are pleased to present the Center for Teaching Excellence's annual report, highlighting our achievements and progress over the past year. Inside, you'll find detailed insights into our collaborative projects, research initiatives, and the impact of our efforts on the academic community. We invite you to explore the report and see how we are fostering excellence in education and driving continuous improvement across our campus.

    2022-23 Annual Report
    2021-22 Annual Report
    2020-21 Annual Report