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Our Mission


The mission of the Center for Teaching Excellence is to support the intellectual growth of instructors and students at The Catholic University of America. Our goal is to partner with the campus community to foster a dynamic teaching, learning, advising, and mentoring experience within a world-class research context.


Our approach at the Center for Teaching Excellence is



We partner with instructors, empowering them to create their own goals, learn from each other through interdisciplinary exchange, and foster  collaboration to enrich our campus, community, and world.  


Our Center applies, shares, and guides the implementation of the latest research on best practices in teaching and learning.


We motivate instructors to reflect on their teaching, set professional development goals, and assess their instruction using research and feedback from a variety of perspectives.   

Grounded in Catholic social teaching.

Our Center supports an educational experience that fosters respect for the dignity of the human person, cultivates participation in community, and works to build a just society.


We provide access to the resources, technological training, and professional development necessary to make teaching accessible for all instructors and students.


Our team welcomes multiple perspectives, celebrates differences, and assists in designing learning environments and cultivating pedagogical practices that address educational inequities.


We encourage and guide instructors in using the latest technological and pedagogical advancements to enhance the Catholic University experience.