Our Services

 All of our services are available to anyone teaching at Catholic University, including full-time and part-time faculty, graduate students, and staff. The CTE team has extensive expertise in effective teaching practices, pedagogies, and the integration of educational technologies to promote inclusive, accessible, engaging learning environments for our students in any modality (face-to-face, hybrid, or completely online). Our team is strengthened by having both Instructional Coaches and Instructional Designers who will work together to best address your individual needs.  


Our team is available to discuss any teaching-related questions, including topics such as course design, syllabus review, student engagement, assessment, and use of technology in your class. Consultations are scheduled as a one-hour meeting, based on the instructor’s availability. After the consultation, if the instructor seeks additional support, the CTE team member may suggest a follow up consultation or coaching. Request a consultation here.


Coaching involves an ongoing partnership, focused on your specific teaching needs, that goes beyond a one-time consultation. By working with an Instructional Coach long-term, you can benefit from regular professional support on your teaching and instructional strategies. Coaches help you set goals and develop a plan that will transform your teaching practice and your students’ learning experience. Request coaching here.  

Instructional Design Services

Instructional Designers will work closely with you in order to navigate the implementation of your course content and extend learning beyond the physical classroom. Whether for a new course, course revisions, or course enhancements, collaborating with an Instructional Designer can promote the creation of an effective learning environment for all, independent of course modality. Going beyond a one-time consultation, this process includes an in-depth reflection on the course’s online look, feel, and delivery.

Instructional Support Meet-Ups

We host informal spaces where you can discuss new instructional strategies with other Catholic University instructors, share solutions to teaching challenges, and foster fellowship with peers.


Observations by a CTE team member are a chance for you to receive feedback on your teaching practices. These observations, which are offered as part of our consultation or coaching services, are intended to be formative and non-evaluative, and they serve as an opportunity for you to reflect on your teaching and set goals for implementing new instructional strategies. 


Our presentations, hosted by CTE team members and Catholic University faculty and staff partners, share best practices based on research, and provide opportunities for you to ask questions and consider how to apply practical solutions to your own teaching. Visit our Events page for a list of upcoming presentations and watch recorded presentations and trainings on our Virtual Presentations page.

Resources for Teaching

Beyond our programming and one-on-one support opportunities, we offer a variety of teaching-related resources that are available immediately through our website. To access our resources, you can explore our overview guides on a variety of teaching-related topics on our Resources page, or watch any of our recorded presentations and trainings on our Virtual Presentations page.

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