Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Fellowship Program

The Center for Teaching Excellence Fellowship for full time faculty involves a commitment to work on a project for one semester in collaboration with the CTE team. Projects are related to teaching and/or learning and based on the fellow's teaching and research interests.

 Applications for Spring 2021 are due January 15, 2021.

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Center for Teaching Excellence

Faculty Fellows

Fall 2020


William Barbieri, Ph.D.

Religion and Culture


 William Barbieri is an ordinary professor in the School of Theology and Religious Studies, where he serves in the Religion and Culture and Moral Theology/Ethics academic areas. He is also the director of the interdisciplinary Peace and Justice Studies Program. Among the topics he teaches and writes on are comparative religious ethics, religion and public policy, ethics and film, environmental ethics, and the ethics of war and peace.

As a CTE Faculty Fellow, Dr. Barbieri will be developing a joint graduate and undergraduate course on race and religion. The course will aim to develop an anti-racist pedagogy integrating theology, religious studies, ethics, critical race theory, and community-based learning.

Photo of Rona Frederick

Rona Frederick, Ph.D.


Rona Frederick is an Associate Professor in the Department of Education specializing in curriculum and instruction, teacher education, and Africana studies. Dr. Frederick teaches Children’s Literature to future teachers and specializes in culturally responsive pedagogy.

 As a CTE Faculty Fellow, Dr. Frederick is conducting an evaluation study of eLearning Village, an online platform designed to provide culturally responsible enrichment classes by teachers of color for students all over the world. Through eLearning Village, master educators deliver enriching content to K-12 students in order to supplement their schooling experience. Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, her evaluation study will examine the teaching and learning experience on this platform with the goal of improving instructional delivery.  Considerations for best practice will be put forth to inform teacher education.

Photo of Maria Cecilia Ulrickson

Maria Cecilia Ulrickson, Ph.D.

American Church History

Maria Cecilia Ulrickson is an assistant professor of American Church History in the School of Theology and Religious Studies. She teaches and writes on slavery and the Church in Latin America and the Caribbean. 

As a CTE Faculty Fellow, Dr Ulrickson is using a video-based discussion tool, Flipgrid, to support student writing. As students prepare a term paper, they will brainstorm, develop argument, analyze sources, revise, and journal in video form in our Flipgrid classroom. The goal of the project is to make writing an oral, communal process.
Photo Peter UIlrickson

Peter Ulrickson, Ph.D.


Peter Ulrickson is an assistant professor in the Department of Mathematics specializing in algebraic topology. His research interests include graph theory, knot theory, and connections between algebraic topology and quantum field theory.

As a CTE Faculty Fellow, Dr. Ulrickson is implementing the use of digital whiteboards to provide timely, convenient, and personal feedback to students of calculus. The goal of the project is to make mathematics visual and tangible despite the logistical challenges of remote learning.
Photo of Otto Wilson, Jr., Ph.D.

Otto Wilson, Jr., Ph.D.

Biomedical Engineering

Otto Wilson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. At Catholic University, he established a research lab to enhance the healing and remodeling of hard tissue. He is also very active in K-12 educational outreach and promoting STEM education among young people.

As a CTE Faculty Fellow, Otto is designing a professional development program based on beehive and bee behavior so as to form fruitful connections and inform local educators that ultimately will impact the world. This semester Otto is leading four interactive and  virtual workshops for educators of the Friendship Public Charter Schools in Washington, D.C. The four pillars of his presentation focus on content delivery (bee sting), reaching beyond expectations (bee flight), sweetening and spicing up learning (honey) and innovative and inspirational ways to communicate/share information (bee dance).