Photo of Tricia Wedderburn, M.A.

Trish Wedderburn, M.A.

Instructional Designer


Tricia “Trish” Wedderburn has worked in higher education for more than a decade, contributing to student, staff, and faculty development. Trish earned a Master of Arts in an individualized program of study where she was able to combine higher education administration and instructional design and development.

Trish’s work has included student and academic development, course and curriculum design, and faculty development. In addition to teaching academic development and orientation courses, she has taught academic, technical, and business writing in blended, online, and in-person formats. In a lecturer role, Trish was a part of developing a community for faculty to engage and exchange teaching strategies. At the onset of the pandemic in 2020, Trish was selected to work on the Provost’s Academic Innovation Grant for the Academic Writing Program at the University of Maryland. The grant focused on redesigning the program curriculum and faculty development for the online environment.

Before joining the Center for Teaching Excellence, Trish worked on grant writing and learning and development projects for professionals in nonprofit and local government sectors; and she recently presented at the Lilly Conference in Asheville (2023). Trish is concerned with enhancing the teaching and learning experience by developing those involved, and she is excited to contribute to the work of CTE.