Q and A Sessions (December and January) 

Join the CTE team members for virtual drop-in Question and Answer sessions as we wrap up the Fall 2020 semester. We are here to help you get through Fall 2020 finals, talk about the successes and challenges of the semester, and start planning for Spring 2021. There is no registration required, and you can drop in at any point during the hour.

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* Please refer to the schedule for Session times
December 2020
December 2nd, 2-3 pm 
December 7th, 11-12 pm 
December 9th, 2-3 pm 
December 14th, 1-2 pm 
December 17th, 12-1 pm

January 2021 
 Dates will be posted on the CTE Website

In-Classroom Technology Practice (January)
From January 4-15, select classrooms on campus (not necessarily your assigned classroom) will be open for you to practice using the upgraded classroom technology. CTE team members will be available, either in person or over Zoom, to discuss best practices for hybrid instruction. We will contact you to provide necessary details and a schedule based on your availability. 

All participants will be expected to abide by University social distancing and face covering policies. Please note that we may adjust plans as needed as the pandemic evolves.

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Course Design Retreat: Prepare for Spring '21
(January 11-15) 

Guided by CTE team members, participants will work alongside their colleagues to develop a content rich, sustainable, inclusive, and engaging course for the Spring 2021 Semester.  The retreat will consist of multiple workshops highlighting the process of backward course design, creating effective assessments, and crafting a supportive learning experience, regardless of whether you are teaching in-person, online, or hybrid.  In addition to these workshops, participants will have guided independent work time during which you can work on creating materials for your course with guidance and optional meetings with members of the CTE team.

Sign up for one of two retreat cohorts for the week of January 11-15, 2021.  The first cohort will meet on Monday and Thursday and the second cohort will meet on Tuesday and Friday.  Wednesday will have optional workshop offerings and additional consultation opportunities for all.  Total synchronous workshop time will be approximately 6 hours over the course of the week.  Each day will have both a 90 minute morning session and a 60 minute afternoon session with independent work time in between.  

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Course design Calendar dates in description as well

Asynchronous Online Resources (On-going)


The CTE Websites is full of resources designed and curated for the enrichment of instruction at Catholic University.  These resources include Virtual Presentations, Text-based Resources, and access to One-on-One consultations